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Golf courses are businesses. If this wasn’t already clear, today’s ultra-competitive environment has driven home the reality to owners, operators, general managers, superintendents and others vested in facilities’ short- and long-term health.

Bernhard Grinders boasts a strong value proposition immediately and beyond. Some of the dividends are:

1. Revenue Generation

Golf courses benefitting from pristine course conditions, thanks in part to Bernhard Grinders, attract new and more frequent play in large numbers. In addition to increased rounds, Bernhard customers justifiably charge higher greens fees, membership dues and outing-tournament rates. They commonly report topline gains of more than $100,000 annually.

2. Significant Savings

The unique design and technology of Bernhard Grinders reduces labor, fuel, parts and chemical-fertilizer-fungicide usage by more than $25,000 annually at golf courses.

3. NOI Accrual

For each year Bernhard Grinders are used, revenue generation and significant savings compound for greater net operating income over time. Many customers offset their purchases within 12 months at a 200% ROI the first year.

4. Risk Prevention

Courses without Bernhard Grinders may incur maintenance overruns, inferior conditions, damaged reputation and declining rounds and revenue.

5. Added Value

The use of Bernhard Grinders extends beyond the golf course to community residences (HOA), common areas, outdoor event venues, parks, sports turf facilities and other green spaces.

Many golf operations have experienced meaningful financial turnarounds after partnering with Bernhard Grinders.