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With its unique clamp mechanism and fast-aligning jig bars, the Rotamaster 4000 makes blade mounting easier than ever.

Blades are sharpened uniformly thanks to precision only possible with an automated machine. This produces a consistently-balanced, superior edge. An exceptional cut, longer-lasting blades and better-looking grass are benefits.

  • Easy - Ergonomic height for ease of use
  • Self-contained - Doesn’t waste precious bench space
  • Convenient – Room for extra rotary blades in unit
  • Clean - Vacuum sucks away sparks and dust; easy to open guards
  • Safe - Hands are kept free of working area
  • Fast - Powerful motor directly coupled to high-quality grinding wheel



  • Automatic precision machine with universal location and quick mount system (special mountings/adaptations can be created) for the accurate grinding of most rotary blades, restoring manufacturers specified angles and blade balance in one process
  • Mist coolant system and balancer included
  • Weight: 270lbs (123kg)
  • Size: 26” L x 26” W x 57” H (660 x 660 x 1450mm)
  • Allow 26” (660mm) height for guard when open