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Express Dual 4000

The revolutionary Express Dual 4000 automatically grinds mower reels in situ so there’s no need for disassembly. The membrane-touch control panel, speed loading system and automatic traverse feature ensure rapid turnaround and trademark reliability.

Operator comfort and workshop safety is emphasized with ergonomically-designed chassis and improved dust and noise containment.

  • Safe – Enhanced safety enclosure fits taller walking greens mowers, those with lights attached
  • Consistent – Variable reel speed for balanced results
  • Easy – Operator panel with tactile color-coded function buttons
  • Standard – Lift table, safety guard, auto traverse, storage, dust collection
  • Optional – Express Relief, vacuum system, sound insulation pack for further noise reduction



  • Spin grinding of reels in-frame up to 36” long
  • Weight: 1441lbs (655kg)
  • Size (includes control panel clearance): 71” W x 55” D x 71” H (1786 x 1389 x 1800 mm).
  • Width and depth include clearance for control panel
  • Lift Table requires an extra 24” (610mm) front to back depth when open
  • Guard requires 19” (480mm) extra height when open
  • Allow total width of 86” (2190 mm) for cable reel drive