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Express Dual 3000MC

With easy-to-use electrical and mechanical control systems, the Express Dual 3000MC is competitively priced without sacrificing speed or accuracy.

Its electric clamp, digital display and simple feed system ensure balanced grinding every time.

  • Sturdy – Rigid, robust chassis
  • Efficient – Automatic traverse, flexible reel drive, zero-able digital feed counters
  • Easy – Single switch control, electric clamp
  • Safe – Effective safety-compliant guard
  • Standard – Lift table
  • Optional – Express Relief; Vacuum system



  • Spin grinding reels in frames up to 36” long
  • Weight: 1441lbs (655kg).
  • Size (includes clearance for control panel): 66” W x 41” D x 54” H (1770 x 1086 x 1373 mm).
  • Lift Table requires an extra 24” (610mm) front to back depth when open.
  • Guard adds 25” (640mm) to height when open.
  • Allow total width of 86” (2190 mm) for cable reel drive.