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Anglemaster 4000


The Anglemaster 4000 matches the speed, ease and accuracy of its Express Dual counterpart, grinding bedknives to within one thousandth of an inch.

It comes standard with the new, ultra-durable SuperBlue grindstone. Mounting of bedknives is simple and the unique central grind position ensures the reel and bedknife work in perfect harmony.

  • Easy – Set up a snap, auto-cue for simple operation
  • State-of-the-Art – Operator panel with tactile color-coded function buttons, digital angle setting
  • Sturdy – Heavy-duty robust construction prevents flexing
  • Safe – Improved safety enclosure, better dust and noise containment



  • Straight-line grinding of bedknives up to 40" long on both faces at any specified angle
  • Weight: 847lbs (385kg)
  • Size (include clearance for control column): 81" L x 36½" W x 55" H (2050 x 925 x 1390mm)
  • Allow 75" (1900mm) height for guard when open